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interim-management   finance and administration specialists  working for you  when and where you need them, getting paid only when you need them.


Equipment utilization was the problem in this company.  High sick time was considered to be the reason for this dangerous condition.

A better collection of data at the shop floor level, serious analysis of this information and intensive contact to all staff in the production department, enabled this company to overcome these problems within 6 month and to turn its attention to a more difficult one, the loss of confidence that had resulted in greatly reduced orders.  The supplier analysis of the biggest customer showed clearly though that things were improving very quickly and greatly. This helped not only with this customer.

The percentages in the above graph are production hours out of total hours available.  The unproductive hours therefore include such necessary times as re-tooling and maintenance which can only be done during production hours in a plant that runs 24 hours a day.

Do you know why your production and sales are not humming?