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Central Europe
many of the companies we have done work for had British parents Canada, our founder has a B. Comm from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario and is a Canadian Chartered Accountant many of the companies we have done work for had US parents, but work was also done in the US for off-shore parents
hands-on executives give you active support whereever you need it

Austria is not only beautiful, it traditionally has intensive ties to the east our office is in Germany, which has a reputation for high quality products and currently suffers under an incompetent government.  But it will surely get better again! skilled labour, safe banks, sound politics - that and more is Switzerland


combining managerial skills and down to earth work

The hands-on executives provide the support in commercial matters,
that you need for day-to-day business as much as for special projects.

We can provide an interim-executive,
that gives you insight through effective controlling and financial analysis.

They also assist in attracting customers
or revamping your warehouse layout optimising the work flow there or on the shop floor.

Data collection and utilisation for more efficient organization, production or product selection
is one of our fields of expertise.

Therefore you will benefit not only from our broad knowledge through management consulting
but also from our practical work side by side with you and your employees,
because we are the hands-on-executives.

our business card
our business card

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