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examples of quantifiable success



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human resources
problem solution improvement   time frame click on graphs for details
high cost due to sick leave increased emphasis on dialogue at shop-floor level, improved scheduling of orders against shop, dismissals
reduction from a 15.49% average in a quarter to 3.83% in the last quarter (1.3% in the last month)
  12 months click here for more details

high sick leave

new model of determining pay increases and Christmas boni

reduction by 25%
6 months

production planning, inventory management, warehousing

problem solution improvement time frame  
low product availability, long delivery times
better scheduling through appropriate use of computing, constructive dialogue between sales and production

existing products from 53% to 96% new products from 33% to 85% or 62% to 97% (comparing calendar months)
14 months  click here for more details
low product availability out of stock, long delivery times
better scheduling through appropriate utilisation of computing, replacement of underqualified staff

from 65% availability with a downward trend to 82 % with an upward trend, at the same time significant reduction of stocks

12 months  click here for more details
low machine utilisation, (supposedly) due to personnel problems
increased emphasis on dialogue at shop-floor level, improved scheduling of orders against shop
from 38% productive machine hrs to 61%, lack of orders prevented further improvement in short-term. Significant improvement noted in supplier rating by major customer
5 months  click here for more details
high inventories
identification of problem articles, sale, export to Eastern European affiliates, scrap
70% of articles identified as to be discontinued / disposed of, significant improvement in warehousing and in order-handling expected
1 month  click here for more details
high inventories

scrutinising of catalogue for problem articles, tying introduction of new articles to dropping of old articles, phased out by various means

reduction by 60 % despite of continued high level of product innovation and highly seasonal nature of business
3 years  
inefficient warehouse
new layout for existing warehouse facilities optimising work-flow

25 % staff reduction
2 months  
unreliable inventories, difficult continuous adjust-ments to accounts for inv. first inventory of all chain-stores in one weekend in five shifts, utilisation of rental scanners

cost savings of DM 80.000 compared to purchased equipment, reliable numbers as at same date, instead of error prone adjustments
3 months  

(other) finance and administration

problem solution improvement time frame  
high financing costs

restructuring financing portfolio based on cash-flow plan and products available in the international markets

reduction by 3 %points (out of 8)
2 months  
high fleet costs
selection of fleet cars, based on total cost and suitability instead of on subj. pref.

reduction by 25%, 3 years (replacement interval) to fully take effect

1 month to

high insurance costs
scrutinising insurance costs and soliciting offers
30% based on equal value, 15% net since hitherto some areas had been undercovered

1 month

lack of transparency in accounting systems
implementation / improving of cost accounting and MIS systems in various companies

in the beginning savings of about 10% per annum, in some years significantly more
6 months to 2 years  
detection of misrepresentations in financial statements as of time of acquisition date of company, cash-flow planning, specification of required capital
greater emphasis on collecting receivable, increase of paid in capital, because of a dispute amongst the share-holders the amount of increase fell short of the one re-commended. The banks however accepted the revision

3 months  


cash flow planning and critical analysis of the accounts reveiled undercapitalisation
paid-in-capital and lines of credit were increased significantly, previously tied up capital was greatly reduced (inventories and receivables)

3 months

This is only a listing of examples of quantifiable achievements.
A listing of achievements that are hard to put into numbers would likely contain
equally or more important contributions to the employers' / clients' success.

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